SMILE Health Cohorts

Introducing the current cohort and graduates from previous years.

2024 Cohort

DentKits | Las Vegas, NV

DentKits provides at-home dentures utilizing digital denture and teledental technologies. DentKits is improving access to dental care for underserved and vulnerable populations by offering dentist-prescribed dentures that are both convenient and affordable.

DifferentKind | Buena Vista, CO

DifferentKind is an experience-management leader in oral health, producing data and insights from patients and teams that drive improved outcomes for patients, practices, and payers.

Oraliva | Durham, NC

Oraliva provides non-invasive, clinically validated, AI-assisted diagnostics for screening oral lesions. This innovative solution delivers highly accurate diagnostic information to dental and medical providers.

ThriveLink | St. Louis, MO

ThriveLink deploys AI telephonic enrollment agents to help families verbally enroll in social and health programs including health insurance, food stamps, utility assistance, and more. The solution does not require the internet, a smartphone, or the ability to read.

Umayana | Istanbul, Turkey

Umayana is a biotech company with a range of products, Murnia, which prevent and treat severe cancer and acute wounds with its patented molecular compound and formulations. Umayana helps cancer patients suffering from wounds like oral mucositis.

Yumlish | Dallas, TX

Yumlish provides tech-enabled, culturally affirming health education programs for Medicaid enrollees, starting in Spanish-speaking populations. Through YumVivo!, Yumlish will provide access to reliable oral health education in these communities.

2023 Cohort

Biolectrics — Cleveland, Ohio

Biolectrics is commercializing OraFlow, a prescription oral care device that uses microcurrent stimulation to treat periodontitis, the sixth most prevalent health condition in the world. OraFlow overcomes barriers of treatment acceptance by providing a painless, cost-effective take-home treatment for patients who would otherwise avoid care.

Grin — New York, New York

Grin is reinventing oral care for everyone. With Grin’s imaging and remote diagnostic solution, patients are connected to doctors remotely, bringing patient convenience, reduction in overhead, and access to responsible care. Grin strives to empower consumers to take control of their own oral health by seeing for the first time what is happening within their mouths and connecting them to accessible resources and diagnostics encouraging preventive care.

Kare Mobile — Louisville, Kentucky

Kare Mobile helps dentists solve for increased productivity and enhanced patient experience. Operating as a mobile dental services organization, Kare Mobile is poised to close the access gap to oral health care through their proprietary single operator vans that they manufacture. Their technology division provides an enterprise solution through proprietary software that assists in automating the scheduling process for both mobile and stationary scheduling. Kare Mobile utilizes teledentistry as a tool to better streamline scheduling and increase productivity for the provider and improve outcomes for the patients.

Incisive Technologies — Melbourne, Australia

Incisive’s mission is to advance oral health care with innovative tools that will accelerate solutions to the global challenge of tooth decay. Incisive has developed BlueCheck, a highly sensitive, easy-to-use, objective measure of early-stage caries to support the paradigm of minimally invasive care. Intellectual property protection extends across all the major global jurisdictions, and they expect BlueCheck to disrupt the current standard of care. CareQuest Innovation Partners is an investor in Incisive Technologies.

Lura — Boston, Massachusetts

Wearable blood/interstitial fluid-based monitors disrupted blood-based monitoring from ex vivo (outside the body) lab tests to continual in-body measurements. The same will be true with saliva. Lura Health is leading the way with a first-in-class salivary diagnostic in-mouth wearable for continual health and disease measurements.

2022 Cohort

OraQ — Calgary, Canada

OraQ is a state-of-the-art software solution that harnesses the analytical power of AI and machine learning. It provides advanced patient assessments and detailed risk-profiling in a fraction of the time. Who does it learn from? The thousands of dental professionals who employ OraQ as their assessment tool.

OrisDX — Chicago, Illinois

OrisDX provides patients better clarity on their health through novel saliva-based diagnostics to identify precancer and cancer. Based on innovative research from the University of Chicago, their first product detects oral cavity cancer through noninvasive genetic testing of patients’ saliva.

SleepArchitects — Newport Beach, California

SleepArchitects is democratizing access to obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment for dental professionals and consumers using a simple, convenient, turnkey digital experience. They offer automated text communication, fun patient education videos, full-service MD-guided home sleep testing, and highly trained dentists using oral appliance therapy supported by experts, making for happy and healthy patients and doctors.

SnowCap Crowns — Dunedin, New Zealand

A research team out of Sir John Walsh Research Institute, Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Otago develops innovative dental products that will transform the international dental products market. Currently, they’re developing a novel, tooth-colored, preformed tooth crown for treating decayed teeth in children using the minimally invasive Hall Technique. They are academic researchers with extensive experience in dental biomaterials development, dental crown design, mechanical testing, and clinical trials, working in collaboration with a polymer manufacturing company in New Zealand.

Wide Awake VR — Ann Arbor, Michigan

WAVR is a better and safer way for people to experience medical procedures without the need for sedatives. When patients use virtual reality to mitigate anxiety, providers can use immersive media content instead of narcotics in the comfort and safety of their offices.