Discovering and developing solutions that can improve the oral health of all, CareQuest Innovation Partners is leading the industry forward.

Innovation can help to transform the delivery of service and make patients the designers of their own health through convenient, interactive, and personalized experiences.

Kirill Zaydenman, Vice President, CareQuest Innovation Partners

Who We Are

CareQuest Innovation Partners is a small company with an ambitious purpose: to use data-driven insights to identify and solve oral health’s most vexing problems.

We are guided by an intelligent and strategic innovation process that filters ideas and creates scalable business models. Through innovation pipeline management, impact investing, and strategic partnerships, we focus on emerging products, technologies, services, and potentially disruptive business models that have the power to revolutionize oral health access and outcomes for the underserved populations in the United States.


Improve the oral health of all


Be the hub in the oral health innovation ecosystem, working to transform oral health access and outcomes for underserved populations in the United States.


  • Generate new — and manage a pipeline of — ideas from many different sources​
  • Consolidate and manage valuable oral health data to inform and shape opportunity areas
  • Proactively invest in promising products, business models, and technologies​
  • Accelerate the use of novel products and services to improve public health


What We Do

Generate Ideas

  • External and internal idea sourcing
  • Planning, trending, data-driven insights
  • Structured assessment

Evaluate Hypotheses

  • Human-centered design and customer focus
  • Agile, LEAN startup, and stage-gate product
  • Nimble testing, prototyping, piloting

Create Value

  • Core product/service enhancements and integration
  • New business models
  • Impact investing

Guiding Principles

Lead change, seek out transformative disruptive innovations
Use data-driven insights and a disciplined innovation process
 Employ an entrepreneurial team mindset to be nimble
 Focus on social and business results
 Collaborate with diverse stakeholders
 Ensure transparency across the enterprise


At CareQuest Innovation Partners, we focus on supercharging innovation in oral health through the following approaches:

  • Orchestrate extended oral health system
  • Focus on opportunities with clear impact on the underserved
  • Serve as a generator and aggregator of ideas, a mentor, and a convener to drive ideas into the innovation funnel, guiding and supporting the best ones to scale
  • Invest directly in promising mission-related businesses where we can drive impact and add strategic value for the start-up and our affiliated businesses

Strategic Priorities

We are focused on building capacity, improving access to care, eliminating caries, and positioning ourselves to take advantage of innovative opportunities. We’ll focus on several topic areas, including:

  • Teledentistry
  • Access to care
  • Delivery innovation
  • Disruptive low-cost diagnostics and treatments
  • Emerging technologies (e.g., AI)
  • COVID-19 related innovation opportunities

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