We validate and scale transformative solutions to improve overall health through oral health – for all.

Our Focus Areas

Our key focus areas are SMILE Health, Pilots, and Impact Investing. We do this work together with our mission-aligned partners, who are at the center of everything we do.

SMILE Health

  • Provides ecosystem sensing and matching of innovators
  • Offers resources to advance early-stage innovation
  • Supports and connects diverse founders
  • Convenes mission-aligned organizations


  • Partners with leading organizations, including dental and medical health plans to prove the business and impact case
  • Demonstrates the value of mission-aligned innovative solutions and models
  • Develops business cases to inform decisions and scale

Impact Investing

  • Provides funding to mission-aligned, high-potential solutions
  • Shapes unique oral health investments
  • Focuses on impact first and financial gain second

CareQuest Innovation Partners Impact Report

Together, with our ecosystem, we are driving change in oral health by accelerating accessible, equitable, and integrated solutions. Learn more about our transformative initiatives, innovative projects, and meaningful collaborations.