Kirill Zaydenman, MSFS

Vice President, Innovation

Kirill Zaydenman is vice president of innovation at CareQuest Innovation Partners. Kirill’s work focuses on strategic partnerships with startups and tech innovators, research and development, and impact investing to redefine care and prevention, make care more connected and equitable, and reimagine the consumer experience.

Kirill held several leadership roles across DentaQuest and Delta Dental of Massachusetts, and he previously worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, where he directed market research, market strategy, and product development. He is deeply passionate about making our health care system better; collaborating with diverse stakeholders and partners to find new ways to improve health equity, experiences, and outcomes; and coaching individuals and teams to achieve business results by being open to change and building meaningful stories and ideas with the help of powerful data.

Kirill received a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in history from Boston University.