Jeremy Horst Keeper, DDS, PhD

Director, Clinical Innovation

Jeremy Horst serves as director of clinical innovation at CareQuest Innovation Partners. In this role, Jeremy investigates areas of health and the oral health industry ripe for transformative investment. He supports dental providers as they test and implement new clinical practices designed to make care safer and more effective, particularly for those marginalized by the current health care system.

As a pediatric dentist, biochemist, educator, and dental care futurist, Jeremy draws from more than 20 years in dentistry experience to catalyze the future of health through oral health. Prior to joining CareQuest Institute, he served as a free clinic director, general dentist, pediatric dentist, dental assistant, and scientist. He is an inventor and patent holder, author of over 45 publications, and teacher of more than 100 dental continuing education courses. Jeremy has also worked with the Indian Health Service and the American Dental Association to accelerate adoption of maximally effective, minimally invasive treatments for dental caries.

Most recently, Jeremy was a fellow in the University of California, San Francisco DeRisi lab, where SARS-CoV and many other pathogens were discovered.