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Blue Check Incisive Technologies



BlueCheck™ Caries Detection and Monitoring

A novel caries detection device used by clinicians in dental examinations to aid the detection of early caries (tooth decay).

Curodont Repair




Guided Enamel Regeneration of initial
carious lesions.

Non-Inavisve Caries Therapy Guide



The Non-Invasive Caries Therapy Guide

An illustrated manual on diagnostics, preventives, and therapeutics to fight
dental caries.

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Effect of Self-Assembling Peptide P11-4 on Arrest, Cavitation, and Progression of Initial Caries Lesions

A systematic review of self-assembling peptide P11-4, a brush-on treatment that uses a remineralization process to regenerate damaged enamel in initial caries lesions, found that the treatment successfully arrested non-cavitated caries lesions and decreased lesion size. The review, published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, assessed whether patients with initial caries lesions treated with P11-4 experienced more caries arrest, less cavitation, or less lesion progression compared to a randomized parallel group.

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Non-Invasive Solutions

Non-Invasive Solutions for Your

Discover the future of dentistry with our Non-Invasive Solutions
for Your Practice! Elevate patient care and comfort to new heights
while achieving remarkable results.
Experience the transformative
power of non-invasive dentistry.

SDF-Iodine, F Varnish
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P11-4 (Curodont Repair)
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Glass ionomers

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